Seaflora Facial

After a consultation and skin analysis your facial  

will be customized just for you. All facials

 include cleansing, exfoliation, mask, massage, 

and moisturizing.


Swedish Massage 



This full body massage helps soothe aching

 muscles, creates a feeling of deep relaxation

 and overall well-being.



Detox Back treatment 

This detoxifying and healing back treatment

 provides deep cleansing and exfoliation to

 eliminate impurities. Followed by a relaxing



Detox Firming Body Wrap 

This full body detox helps to eliminate toxins

 and stimulate circulation. Helps to minimize

 fluid retention. Also very effective in treating

 muscular aches and pains. A half hour

 massage follows your wrap. Body feels 

recharged and rejuvenated.