She Beauty Salon Protocol

Physical distancing measures, effective cleaning and hygiene practices help mitigate the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Managing the workplace

• Occupancy of the salon is limited to six people. This allows one client per staff member as well as a client’s accompaniment if needed.

• We have removed magazines, booklets, brochures and product testers from client and staff areas.

• Styling stations have been rearranged and separated in accordance with social distancing.

• There will be no returns on retail products.

• We will be accepting cash although debit or credit cards are the preferred use of payment. This allows us to limit the handling of payment wherever possible by allowing our clients to handle the card readers themselves.

• We have posted COVID-19 protocols using signage for both workers and clients throughout the workplace as well as on our website.

Client management

We have established the policies and procedures around clients entering the premise:

• Clients will be asked before their appointment (through a email questionnaire or in person) whether they have symptoms of COVID-19. They are asked to cancel their appointment if they develop symptoms or have a family member who is confirmed or suspected of COVID-19. Clients are reminded of this policy when they arrive for their appointment.

• Clients will need to wait outside until their scheduled appointment time. Please do not arrive early. This allows us to maintain social distancing protocols, as well as time to effectively clean between clients.

• Clients are to arrive alone if possible. No children, friends or family accompaniment allowed.

o Consideration will be given (please let us know while booking appointment) for children, special needs clients and those who require accompaniment e.g. a parent, guardian, care taker, family member may accompany the client. This person must follow the same protocols as a regular client.

• Please book appointments over the phone (please do not stop by the salon to book your appointment) this makes it easier to distance people in the salon and not go over our occupancy limit.

• Staff and clients must avoid shaking hands or other unnecessary physical contact.

• All clients must wash their hands or use approved hand sanitizer upon entering the salon.

• Limit your personal item brought into the salon. This includes coats, bags, and purses. Clients are asked to leave their personal item at the styling station.

• At this time, we will be suspending the practice of offering beverage items to clients.

• Clients are not to bring in any outside food or beverages. For longer appointments if clients require a snack or beverage, they will have to consume these items outside or in their car.

Providing personal services

• Masks must always be worn in the salon by staff and clients. This will reduce the risk of transmission for both staff and clients during salon services where physical distancing cannot be maintained or other control measures such as barriers cannot be used. We have masks to provide clients, or they may bring a clean mask with them.

• All workers are to wear aprons to cover street clothing. These items will be removed and laundered at the end of each workday.

• All staff will wash their hands before and after each client, before and after breaks or eating, at the beginning and end of shift. Staff will avoid touching their face (eyes, nose, and mouth) while providing services to clients.

Tools and equipment

• Staff will wash their hands after using shared tools and equipment, after handling cash or other materials that have come into contact with the public (used towels, gowns, equipment and delivery items) before and after using masks or other PPE.

• There will be minimal sharing of tools, equipment, and product (e.g. shears, irons, nail clippers, gowns, etc.). Staff have their own set of tools.

• When possible the use of single-use items will be used (e.g. nail files, wax applicators, neck strips, foils) and discarded after use.

Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting

• Additional time between all appointments will be added to allow for proper cleaning and disinfecting.

• The salon will be cleaned and disinfected frequently throughout day, between each client, and at end of day.

• Tools and equipment will be cleaned and disinfected between each client.